Joan Silvia
Streetfire Ministries, Inc.

In the nearly five years Pastor James and Karla Woods have been serving in Connecticut, many churches and individuals have come on board to faithfully volunteer their time and resources.  No one is compensated for their time—here on earth, that is.  We look forward to the reward of hearing our Savior say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” 

We have an amazing team of volunteers who come from various churches, ministries and organizations throughout Connecticut!

And it's a good thing too because there is always plenty of work to be done.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our tireless volunteers who:

  • Cook & serve food to our street guests
  • Pick up clothing & pantry donations
  • Sort, fold and tag clothing donations
  • Haul our 'mobile ministry' to the streets for events
  • Shop for our ministry needs
  • Spread the word about what we do
  • Represent our ministry at recovery groups
  • Speak & preach at area churches as Streetfire representatives
  • Assemble gift packages for our congregation
  • Grind endless bags of donated coffee beans!
  • Oversee the distribution of food & clothing to those in need

       ...and most importantly:


Some of the generous churches and individuals

who are currently supporting us with labor, physical donations and/or financial support include:

  • Faith Christian Assembly of God
    Middletown, CT

  • Grace & Mercy Family Ministries
    Portland, CT

  • Fellowship Church
    Middletown, CT

  • Upper Room Christian Center
    East Hartford, CT

  • Valley Bible Evangelical Free Church
    Haddam, CT

  • Trinity Church
    Portland, CT 

  • Jesse Rich Ministries

  • Andy Loizou, Sr.

  • Wallace Collins 

  • Mike & Kim Cunningham

  • Irving & Julienne Moy

  • Shiloh Christian Church
    ​Middletown, CT

our TEAM

our congregation

People here have been hungry for this type of ministry, but have not known how to go about starting one.   Once we shared our vision with them, so many people have volunteered to serve in the streets with us, offered space in their churches, donated food, clothing and money that we are humbled and awed!

Pastor James Woods
Streetfire Ministries, Inc.
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        wihs interviews

​The population we serve in the North End of Middletown has adopted us!  They proudly acknowledge that Streetfire Ministries is THEIR church.  We are humbled by their acceptance of us and enjoy the privilege of lavishing them with the love of Jesus.

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we have grown!

our mission

bringing the fire of jesus

to the streets...

Pastor Donald Watson
Grace & Mercy Family Ministries

Portland, CT

a little about us

an uncommon ministry...

a pot of soup & some coffee...

Wallace Colllins
Streetfire Ministries, Inc.

our board of directors

​Since our arrival from San Francisco in August of 2012, we’ve been amazed by the level of interest our street ministry has received.  It seems what had become routine to us, having trained under The Homeless Church of San Francisco for ten years, is rather uncommon in Connecticut.  

​We started our Connecticut ministry on a sidewalk on Main Street, Middletown with a pot of soup and some coffee one cold evening.  Do not despise small beginnings!  Although we encountered naysayers who claimed we couldn’t serve food on the sidewalk, the police would hassle us and people wouldn’t come to us because it gets too cold here… 

Shervie Watson
Grace & Mercy Family Ministries

Portland, CT

He makes winds his messengers, flames of fire his servants.  Psalms 104:4

Streetfire Ministries has been serving the poor and homeless population of Middletown and surrounding areas for nearly five years.  Many of the people we serve no longer believe they are valuable.  Our mission is to show them their value to Jesus and help them develop a personal relationship with Him.  When they do, they begin to experience the productive life God has waiting for them.  

​The handful of people we served on our first few nights now averages around 45 folks per service.

We've been blessed to be able to add a whole host of services to our ministry including indoor Bible studies, a women's day center, food pantry, clothing boutique and more!